New Launcher Added

After having a few issues with the install process on itchio I decided to create a launcher to have a bit of control at the start of the game launch.

The app helps the user launch the game, but also checks for OpenAL support, and allows installation.

I have decided to fully support the itchio app interface rather than use my own installer on this site which makes for a great experience through the app but now unfortunately gives a dreadful experience as a direct install. I will try to find out if I can turn of the direct download option.

Looking forward to working on the next prototype now, releasing this one so far has taken longer than the production (Not including tech), but now the deployment is supported the next should just be a click of a button.

Files 83 MB
Version 1 Jan 26, 2018 83 MB
Version 1 Jan 26, 2018

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