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Is This A Game?

One day I sat down to create a game.

 I wrote the words:

'What is a game?'

This is what I created. It has no genre, and screenshots would spoil it. It is basically a marketing nightmare. I am amazed you even found your way to this page.


Hello! This is a fully working prototype, you can play it for FREE! If you enjoy the experience you can donate to the project using the voluntary purchase feature on itch. Once the prototype hits $500, I will develop it into a full commercial project, and as a thank you for your early support, on completion you will receive it for FREE.


I am not a AAA studio, I'm barely even an Indie...

If you are looking for new early adopter content then you are in the right place! This is the first time I have released a project based on the engine I have been creating for my entire adult life. I chose to sacrifice a lot to follow my misguided dreams of creating interactive media which is why I finished this off on an old laptop. I can't afford to get any other hardware to test this on, and the library really didn't seem keen to let me install this on their computers. If you have any problems running this, please let me know with as much info as you can. If you help fix a problem, I will fix it up and, as thanks, add your name to the list of folk who would get this for FREE if the project gets funded.


The prototype was coded in c++ and uses OpenGL and OpenAL. Scripting is done in Python and all assets were created with free software.

Blender, Audacity, Gimp, Inkscape, muLab

If you have any questions please leave a comment.


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